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Griežtai draudžiama paskelbtą informaciją panaudoti kituose interneto tinklapiuose, žiniasklaidos priemonėse ar kitaip platinti mūsų medžiagą be sutikimo, o jei sutikimas gautas, būtina nurodyti kaip šaltinį.
All rights for information published in are reserved. In order to use any kind of information published in our portal, you need to get permition and to refer the source.
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For foreign visitorsIf you are interested in Counter Strike, Counter Strike: Source, Quake 4, Quake 3, Warcraft 3, FIFA, other online games, forums, articles, news, galleries, demos, videos, results at such events as ESL, ClanBase, CPL, WCG, ESWC, WEG, WC3L and others, wait for new english esports portal which will rise soon!


Who is the creator of
Marius Šiupšinskas - a man who firstly created, the most popular and #1 Lithuanian eSports source. Then he got and idea to make a global version of, and here you go, you have The design was made by Paulius Papreckis, all the programming stuff - Giedrius Slavinskas and Marius Šiupšinskas.

Why can't I find some functions that I need?
If you think that we are missing some functions that could improve website's quality, please write a personal message .

Who should I contact if I found offensive information or piracy?
Director or administrators, all the contacts could be find in contacts section. description. - a website that came from - the #1 eSports' source in Lithuania. The staff is willing that would become as popular as its older brother - It will cover the most popular games - Counter-Strike, Quake and Warcraft series. We will give you the hottest news from eSport's scene, cover the biggest events such as CPL, WCG, ESWC, organize high quality tournaments and much more!

We need You!
We need a lot of staff members (mostly ections Heads). If You are interested in this project, read the rest:
People, who would be interested in this project, please mail to info[eta] (replace [eta] with @), with the following information:
Important information for sections Heads
Your name:
Nick and link to Your profile:
What section you will manage? (CS, CSS, Q3/Q4, WC3, TMN, other?)
How long do you follow Your section game scene:
Why should we choose exactly You?
Your Experience:
Do you have HTML basics?
Important information for Reporters
Your name:
Nick and link to Your profile:
How long do you follow Your game scene:
Why should we choose exactly You?
Your Experience:
Do you have HTML basics?
You must contribute news item to our portal. It will be like example.

Of course, You must match several requirements:
+ Excellent English.
+ Older = better (Age).
+ Capability to work in team.
+ Knowledge of eSports / Your game scene.
+ Few hours of your time a day.
If your have serious intentions, mail us.


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